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Use the Ephemeral Roof Exchange For Hong Kong Boundary Crossing

The designers Steven Ma, Wendy Fok, and Dominik Strzelec have developed an Ephemeral roof exchange concept. It is not only used for creating functional crossing the boundary of Hong Kong and Zhuhai, but also used for a great aesthetics of the concept that makes it a symbol of the intermediary relation between sky and land. It is a three-point access system that is able to provide an entry diversion through stunning landscape to be experienced by the visitors when arriving into and departing from the Airport. The three different entry points are relevant to the sustainable technologies like Hydro, Solar and piezoelectrical energy concept. At the same time, the edges of the dynamic roof System of the concept makes the concept simply superb and unique from other concept. Look at the images given here.

The designers of the concept say:
Three point energy collection points are each representational to the location and orientation of the site. The Solar Photovoltaic Louvres with a South Orientation is designed for the Hong Kong/ Kowloon exchange entrance that dually uses the natural heat and sun light from the Hong Kong and supporting area as the secondary energy source that is collected into the system of the energy roof system. A Hydro Collective System designed with humidity and rain water collectors recycles hydro-energy to provide a cooling system for the waiting guests locates itself within HK/Macao/Zhuhai Terminal. While the Piezoelectrical system is a self sustainable energy system embedded into the asphalt and landscaping throughout the site that recycles and reuses the evanescent nature of sound and vibrational energy collected from the numerous passing vehicles during the border crossing as a cast-off form of energy.

Each energy system interrelates to a larger sphere which contributes and infiltrates throughout the site. Just like the iconic flower which grows from the soil of the motherland, the energy from the site harvests itself as a form innate energy that provides to the foundation of the site and future development of the exchange point. Essentially, energy would be collected from both roof and ground designed technologies.

The iconic nature of the design is developed hand-in-hand with a strong hold on sustainable concerns to strive into making this the most sustainable transportation exchange hub in the world.


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